3D Printer Buying Guide

Nowadays, 3D printers have become quite popular, and increasingly more people go for them. Would you like to get one as well? If so, then you need to know exactly how to choose a good model that will help you obtain an excellent result. Therefore, in order to make the right choice, take a look at the following 3D printer buying guide.

Consider the print speed

Printing 3D objects can definitely take some time. The more detailed the object you want to print is, the longer it will actually take to print. What you need to know is that the speed can vary with different printing materials and different printers as well. Therefore, when shopping for a device like this, you must know exactly if you are going to print items that require a high precision or not so that you know exactly if you should choose a device with a faster print speed or not.

The resolution is very important

This is another important detail that matters a lot when shopping for a 3D printer. Once you buy a machine like this, you certainly want to obtain excellent results. Therefore, you need a model with a great resolution. The clarity of the images needs to be absolutely perfect. If the micron count is lower, then this means that the printer will produce thinner layers and also capture greater details. Most of these devices have an adjustable resolution. What you actually should choose is a model that is capable of producing lower micron counts.

What type of filament to choose?

There are many types of filament when it comes to 3D printers. Each of this type has its own special properties. Polylactic acid is the most common one. It is versatile and biodegradable as well. Furthermore, it is absolutely great for most consumer-level printing jobs. Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene is more durable and heat-resistant as well, and it is absolutely perfect for printing items that need to withstand some wear and tear. Another type of filament is the polycarbonate one, which is sturdier and it is being used these days for items that are used in high-impact situations. All in all, this 3D printer buying guide will definitely help you make the right choice. Therefore, make sure you take into account all these useful details so that you can purchase a device that will meet all your needs.

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