Amazing Smart Mattresses and Bed Covers

As long as you have a quality bedding, your sleep will be a very deep and restful one. Furthermore, you will certainly not have to deal with back pains anymore. Therefore, your entire life will improve. These days, you can find lots of products of this type that will help you achieve your goal, without a doubt. For some inspiration, here are some amazing smart mattresses and bed covers that will highly improve your sleep.

ReST mattress

This is without a doubt a technology-based solution for a more restful and deep sleep. This product features a patented pressure-sending fabric, which allows for an automatic response. It actually adapts to the human body. It quickly senses changes in pressure and then it automatically responds. This is without a doubt a revolution in sleep technology. The ReST mattress will meet all your personal needs in terms of sleep. Within this mattress are 18 air sensors that inflate or deflate depending on what are your needs. All in all, your sleep will highly improve with a smart product like this.

Eight mattress cover

This is a mattress cover that will definitely make any bed smart. It will intelligently manage not only the temperature of your bed, but it will also track your sleep and integrate with your smart house. The Eight mattress cover provides a high comfort, convenience, and security as well, for a wonderful night’s sleep. This WiFi-enabled cover will send all the information to an app and other smart devices in your home, so that the sleeping environment can be adjusted accordingly, so that you experience a very deep and restful sleep. The sensors that are placed inside this mattress cover will monitor the temperature of your body, the breathing rate, amount of movement, and room humidity as well. Furthermore, it will also know at what time you usually go to sleep, for how long, and at what time you wake up as well. With all this information, the user will be able to change his lifestyle, in case he doesn’t have a healthy one, in order to improve the quality of his sleep. Therefore, the Eight mattress cover is without a doubt extremely useful. Overall, by choosing one of the most amazing smart mattresses and bed covers, you will manage to have a deep and restful night’s sleep.

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