Best Gadget Gifts for Women

Are the holidays or her birthday coming up? Do you want to make sure that the gift you’ll give her will make that special lady in your life smile? Then continue to read our article to find out which are the best gadget gifts for women, and she will surely be pleasantly surprised after unpacking your gift and seeing what you have bought her.

Sokos fitness tracker

If the special lady in your life likes jogging or running, and she cares for her health and the way she looks, she will definitely love the Sokos fitness tracker. This stylish, wearable fitness tracker will cost only $90 to purchase. It offers 7 functions that will enable her to monitor her daily activity. These functions include recording her walking steps, her daily mileage, the number of calories burned every day, the daily amount of time she’s being active, the quality of her sleep, her heart rate, and it alerts her when she’s receiving calls or texts on her smartphone. It takes only 30 minutes for this gadget to recharge. In addition, it’s waterproof for up to 30 minutes in water that is 1 meter deep, which means that she can even wear it when she’s swimming.

xtava Goddess flat iron

All women love doing their hair and looking presentable when they get out of the house. With the xtava Goddess flat iron, the special lady in your life will be able to style her hair however she wants fast and easy. It costs only $55. The ceramic tourmaline plates make it ideal for all types of hair. It uses infrared heat technology to ensure that her hair won’t be burned when using it. On the LCD display, she can change the settings of the flat iron how she wants. It takes only 60 seconds for the hair styling gadget to heat up and be ready for use. In addition, it offers a wide temperature range of 150 degrees Fahrenheit to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

CalypsoTag smart luggage tracker

If she travels often, you should give her the CalypsoTag smart luggage tracker. This innovative gadget costs $170. By attaching it to her luggage, she won’t ever have to worry that her luggage might get lost because she will be able to see over her smartphone where the luggage is located. The gadget announces her when the luggage comes out on the carousel, and it alerts her if someone tries to temper with her belongings. It features a small built-in battery that lasts for up to 6 months. Also, it comes in a stylish and beautiful package that spares you of the hassle of packaging the gift yourself.

JBL Everest 700 Elite headphones

We all love music, and the special woman in your life surely makes no exception. A great gadget gift that she will enjoy is the JBL Everest 700 Elite. The noise canceling headphones have a stylish design, they are comfortable to wear, and they will make listening to music an exciting experience for her. A pair of headphones costs $300. They can be wirelessly connected through Bluetooth to the smartphone or tablet. With the help of the built-in microphone, she will be able to answer calls without going through the hassle of taking the phone out and removing the headphones. In addition, the gadget lasts for up to 15 hours on a full charge.

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