Evolution of Microwave Technology

Microwave Technology is one of those technologies that has been advancing rapidly, and that has lots to offer these days. Are you interested in finding out more about this wonderful subject? If so, then make yourself comfortable and take a look at the evolution of microwave technology, presented in this article.

When did everything start?

If you are interested in this subject, then here are some details regarding the evolution of microwave technology, which might be very interesting for you. When it comes to the existence of radio waves, what you need to know is that it was actually predicted in 1864, by James Clerk Maxwell, in his equations. The first who has demonstrated the existence of radio waves was Heinrich Hertz. He did this in 1888, by building a spark gap radio transmitter. This transmitter actually produced 450 MHz microwaves, in the UHF region. He had a quite primitive equipment, which included a wrought iron point spark, a horse trough, and Leyden jars. The first parabolic antenna was also built by him, with only a zinc gutter sheet. In 1943, Zoltan Bay sent some ultra-short radio waves to the moon. These waves worked as a radar, and they could be used for measuring the distance. Furthermore, they were used for studying the moon as well.

Microwave Technology uses

This technology is being used for point-to-point telecommunications due to the fact that it is more easily focused into narrow beams rather than radio waves. This actually means that it allows frequency reuse. Microwaves are being used in spacecraft communication, telephone communication, and TV as well. Furthermore, this technology is also used when it comes to microwave ovens, which are extremely popular kitchen appliances. They are not only used for heating the food, but for defrosting and cooking as well. Microwave ovens are without a doubt a fantastic invention that eases the life of most of us these days, not to talk about the fact that they can help us prepare delicious meals. Even if there are some voices who say that this technology can be dangerous to our health, the truth is that it will not affect us as long as it is used moderately.

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