Most Efficient Robotic House Cleaning Gadgets

Not too long ago, cleaning our homes was a very difficult task because everything had to be done by hand. Luckily, the technology made the cleaning much easier because there are gadgets that basically do all the job for you. Therefore, you can save several hours of house cleaning time just by investing in the most efficient robotic house cleaning gadgets. You will see that soon enough you will have more time for yourself and you will be able to enjoy more the things you like to do.

Robot Vacuums

These intelligent gadgets are very sophisticated and they have great features that will surely impress you. Among the best features of the robot vacuums are the self-navigation technology, which helps them navigate without bumping into all sorts of things and the programmable schedule, which gives you the possibility to program the unit to clean the house whenever you want. Among the best sellers is the iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot which provides a thorough clean of your house and automatically adjusts to any floor. Also, the model is just 3.6 inches tall, being specifically designed to fit under your furniture.

Floor Mopping Robots

The floor mopping robots are another great gadgets that scrub the floor for you until it remains all clean. The best example of floor mopping robot is the iRobot Braava 380t which has two modes to choose from, dry sweeping and damp mopping. The device works with both microfiber cleaning cloth which is easy to remove and attach. Also, due to the Braava’s internal NorthStar navigation system, the robot is able to track of the areas where it has been and where it has to go. The battery recharges in two hours, allowing the robot to clean the house up to 4 hours in dry clean mode and up to 2.5 hours in wet mopping mode.

Robotic Window Cleaners

These intelligent window cleaners can clean your window automatically and they alert you when they finish the job. They are great for large indoor and outdoor windows or out-of-reach areas. Therefore, you can forget about the traditional paper towels or cotton clothes because now you can have clean windows just by touching one button. One of the best devices that will help you clean the windows is the Winbot Window Cleaning Robot for Framed Windows Glass which has great power of abortion and it can even clean bathroom glasses, smooth walls, and end tables. Also, the cleaning speed is 2min/square and it has 3 cleaning modes. Moreover, it comes with natural fabrics which can be reused for up to 180 times.

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