SmartGrill by Lynx- the Future of Grilling

Unlike other kitchen appliances, gas grills haven’t really seen shocking changes in the last years. But this is all in the past, the SmartGrill line of Wi-Fi enabled grills produced by Lynx offering us great, innovative grills that are incomparable to their competitors. If you’re interested in finding out which is the latest and best addition that you can make for your kitchen, continue to read this article to find out more about the future of grilling, which is the SmartGrill by Lynx.

Price and design

Lynx has produced no less than 6 different models for the SmartGrill line. These models include the Smart30F that costs $7000, the Smart30 that costs $6000, the Smart36F that costs $8500, the Smart36 that costs $7500, the Smart42F that costs $9500, and the Smart42 that costs $8500.
As you would expect from such an innovative line of gas grills, the design is impeccable, any of the SmartGrill models making the perfect addition to a luxurious outdoor kitchen. All of these gas grills have a durable stainless steel construction, which includes stainless steel grills. Also, they all come with a durable carbon fiber vinyl cover.


The innovative SmartGrill by Lynx incorporates mobile connectivity in your grilling experience. All of the models are iOS and Android compatible. By simply installing the SmartGrill app on your iOS or Android enabled smart device, you will be able to connect to an online database that will determine the optimal grilling technique and time for the food that you want to prepare. Also, the app will direct you where to place each food on the grill for exceptional results. Therefore, using this grill makes your cooking experience more pleasurable, ensuring that you will serve only top quality foods to your family and guests.


As you would expect from a top of the line, futuristic cooking appliance, the SmartGrill comes with a wide variety of innovative features. First of all, the MyChef technology that it features makes grilling easier and more pleasurable due to the fact that you don’t have to sit next to the grill when preparing food with it, the app announcing you when the grill is ready for the next step. Also, this technology features a learning algorithm that remembers your tastes and preferences. In addition, for increased safety and energy conservation, the SmartGrill automatically shuts down if it doesn’t receive any commands within 30 minutes.

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