Top 3 Best Drones Under $300

Whether you have a new hobby or you just want to collect one more gadget, you should know that drones are a great option. Nowadays, there are various models of drones on the market with different features, but some of them are very expensive. However, not everyone can spend a fortune for a hobby, so, we have made for you a top 3 best drones under $300.

Blade 180 QX HD RTF Quadcopter

These days, the Blade 180 is one of the best-rated drones because of its HD video, image capture capabilities, and its $189.99 price. This drone is powerful enough to fly outdoors and it can capture a lot of images while flying with its EFC-721 flight camera which provides performance and quality. On the other hand, the Blade 180 has a big disadvantage. It requires the additional SD card before you can record.

Traxxas 6608 La Trax Alias Quad-Rotor RTF Heli

When it comes to Traxxas, you should know that it is an incredibly fast drone, well known among drones enthusiasts. It has an auto-leveling 6-axis flight system and four rotors which help it to fly. Moreover, it has an amazing design which provides durability, flexibility, and performance. Additionally, you can take into account its speed and the battery life. As such, the Traxxas drone has a 650mAh LiPo battery which has a high-output USB fast charger and provides 10 minute flight time which is one of its biggest disadvantages. Furthermore, this drone is using some colorful LEDs that make it look amazing during the night. Plus, you shouldn’t forget about its price, $149.95, which make it an affordable unit.

Parrot AR Drone 2.0

The Parrot AD is one of the best drones under $300. It costs $92.51 and it worth its investment. However, when it comes to design and features, the Parrot is one of the most beautiful drones available on the market. It features 3 design versions such as Snow, Jungle, and Sand and it can be controlled through your phone by a free app called AR. The app AR allows you to upload videos, photos and the firmware of the drone. Furthermore, this gadget has a 720p HD quality camera and a battery which provide 10 minutes flight.

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